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Kazuma 6'2" Kazuma 7'2"
Our Price: $675.00
Our Price: $775.00
Kazuma 6'2" Kazuma 7'2"
This surfboard has excelent shape to fit your needs.  Great as your first board itís friendly enough for beginners, This funboard it's a excelent option for everyone. Try this board and forget about the rest !
Leleo Kinamaka 6'0 NSP Funboard 8'2"
Our Price: $700.00
Our Price: $800.00
Leleo Kinamaka 6'0 NSP Funboard 8'2"
This incredible hand made board will take you to the past and show you how people discover surf
on past times.
The 8'2", the latest addition to the NSP Longboard range, is an instant classic.
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